Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Evolution of the Smokeless Cigarette

When the Smokeless Cigarettes first came out they more resembled a Tiparillo both in size and with that flat thin filter. Then they became smaller and more resembled a regular cigarette but still had some problems . The lithium batteries which have to be rather small to fit in the battery housing area that also includes other electronic circuitry would loose it’s charge due to the amount of drain on it powering the atomizer for each draw. If the Smokeless Electronic Cigarette was to be used to replace the smokers traditional tobacco habit and that individual smoked more than a pack a day they would find that their electronic cigarette would go dead on them in the middle of the day which can be real frustrating if that time acuerd at work where they could smoke or vape where they were with out being told they had to go outside to smoke in the middle of winter or worse yet had no real tobacco cigarette as a back up ouch….. This can be remedied by having an extra charged battery and then constantly charging and switching them out, this will work if you are very disciplined to not forget to plug it in all the time.

Now for the next generation E-VaporizerSmokeless Cigarette which though its new rechargeable case will end the dead battery problem of the past. This new revolutionary case holds a much larger lithium battery and will recharge your smokeless cigarette up to 13 times before needing to be plugged in .